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tara Nov 4 TasteBook Info / Announcements - Important Site Changes + Final Sale

TasteBook isn't going away. Delicious changes are coming in 2016! We're going to have more recipes, more chefs and cookbooks, more helpful tips and ideas, as well as a fresh new look. To make room for these new features, the Personal Recipe Boxes and custom TasteBook cookbooks will be phased out by January 31, 2016.

tara February 18, 2014 TasteBook Info / Product Info

TasteBooks are custom printed personal cookbooks that you can customize with personal recipes, photographs, stories and Dedications. 

TasteBooks currently start at $34.95 each plus shipping. Your custom TasteBook order includes:

- a Hardcover, adjustable 26-ring binder with your choice of high-resolution professional artwork and custom title and byline
- 50 individual recipes, professionally printed on 100-lb paper (additional recipes may included, up to 100 total per book, for an additional charge of $0.29/recipe); for example: a complete TasteBook with the maximum 100 recipes will cost $49.45
- table of contents that lists all recipes and chapters ordered in this book
- custom chapter titles and intro pages
- custom dedication page with your photo and personalized text
- 10 clear sleeves to store clippings, photographs or original recipe cards in your custom book

TasteBook size:

A TasteBook is a 26-ring binder that measures 11"h X 8"w x 1.5"d.   
The individual recipe pages measure 10" X 7", the viewable area being 10" x 6.5" (allowing for the punched holes to fit into your TasteBook Cover). 
The plastic insert pockets are 10-1/8" x 7-18", with a usable storage interior space of 10" x 6.5" and are suitable for storing cuttings or original recipe cards.

The standard custom TasteBook order includes one cover, with custom title on cover face and spine, up to 100 recipes (50 are included at the starting price of $34.95), custom chapter category pages, Dedication Page, Table of Measures and Equivalents, Table of Contents for all recipes included at the time of order and 10 plastic insert pockets.

Sales taxes are calculated and added to your order based upon the state to which the product is shipped. Taxes will also be levied against shipping and/or handling charges according to the destination state's local tax regulations.

Shipping costs and additional customs costs/import duties will vary, based on the destination. Find more details about pricing and timing of various shipping methods in your area on the Shipping Information page.

The standard price of $34.95 applies to all TasteBooks ordered for individual use, however there are discounts for multiple quantities purchased in bulk for promotional or fundraising use. This offer is valid based on the total number of books ordered in a single transaction - you do not have to order duplicate copies of the same TasteBook to receive the discounted price per copy.  For more information about bulk discount offers, please visit the Q&A post here.

If you are planning to order multiple copies of the same TasteBook, we suggest that you order one copy first to make sure it is perfect.

We suggest you check for:

Typos, grammar or other text errors

Missing ingredients or missing steps

Low resolution images which may appear blurry in print


For information about Shipping Costs, please visit our current Shipping Info page. 

For information about International Deliveries, please visit our FAQ here.

ORDERING DEADLINE FOR HOLIDAY 2015 (for continental U.S. deliveries only)



In addition to ordering complete TasteBooks, you may also individually order replacement covers, recipe pages (pre-punched to fit the custom TasteBook cover), or Dedication pages

SPECIAL NOTICE - WINTER 2015 WILL BE OUR LAST HOLIDAY ORDERING SEASON - orders may be placed through January 31, 2016, or while supplies last for complete TasteBooks, individual recipes and custom binders.

tara April 2, 2013 TasteBook Info / FAQ's

Complete custom TasteBooks are currently available for $34.95 and include up to 50 recipes.  TasteBooks may be ordered with additional recipes, billed at $0.29 per recipes - up to 100 recipes in a book at a total cost of $49.45 (plus applicable shipping and sales taxes). 

We offer bulk volume discounts for individuals or organizations ordering a large quantity of custom TasteBooks in a single transaction.  If you are interested in ordering a minimum of 50-99 TasteBooks in a single order your discount would be 10% off the list price, for orders of 100-299 TasteBooks in a single order your discount would be 15%.  Final price will vary based on the number of recipes you choose to include.   Some examples of discount pricing, based on the number of recipes you might include are:
Size                     - List price         - 10% discount     - 15% discount
50 recipes         - $34.95             - $31.46                 - $29.71
75 recipes         - $42.20             - $37.98                 - $35.87
100 recipes       - $49.45             - $44.51                 - $42.04    

If you are planning to order multiple TasteBooks, we suggest that you order one copy first to make sure it is just right, or have multiple users review all submitted recipes and your Dedication Page to confirm they are correct. .
We suggest that you check for:
-Typos, grammar, or other text errors
-Missing ingredients or missing steps
-Low resolution images which may appear blurry in print

There is no additional shipping charge for large quantity orders delivered to the same address in the United States. Shipping of orders more than 50 copies, generally requires an additional 1-3 weeks processing time, depending on final copy and season.  Please confirm the number of books you would like to order, the preferred cover and the requested delivery date, at your convenience and we will confirm availability.

Orders of over 299 copies are available at additional discount.  If you need to place an order of this size, please contact us with final recipe count, cover selection and requested delivery date and we will confirm availability and discount.